Rebel Grots: First Infantry Squad with Lascannon is Finished

I’ve completed the first Lascannon team which wraps up the first infantry unit for my Rebel Grots IG army.

Here are pics of the finished model and the rest of the squad:


First Yellow Infantry Squad ready for duty!

You can see more pics of the grunts here.  WIP shots can be seen by going back through the series.

Now that the First Yellow Infantry Squad is finished, I’ll start adding pads to the Second Yellow Infantry Squad.  I should be back to painting for next week.  Let me know what you think!

  • Great job. I only now just noticed you have a battery powering the lascannon; that’s awesome.

    • Thanks. I was bored in a meeting one day and suddenly realized how easily I could build a battery. I was going to build car battery type power packs, and still will for some, but I think most will have the copper tops. I like the idea of them jamming a battery between the leads and I can’t resist the product placement ;)

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