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Scratch Built WH40K Ork Battlewagon Painting Showcase

It was a busy weekend and I didn’t manage to make much progress on the Rebel Grots.  I added power cells and did some clean up on the lascannons.  I also prepped the lascannon crew for painting.  Nothing worth taking pictures of.  So, instead of a status update on those I decided to post some new pictures of my battlewagon.

Battlewagon Gallery

This guy is mostly built from heavy card stock, styrene card/tubes, and random bits.  Without the deffrolla, which is magnetized, the battlewagon has the same footprint as a land raider.


Just for fun, here’s a picture of the light tent I built from a shower curtain:


It’s nothing fancy but it does the trick, and it’s out of the way so I can just throw in some models and grab some pics in a hurry.

This week I am hoping to finish up the two heavy weapon teams.  After that I’ll start green stuff work on the second infantry squad grunts.

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8 years ago

That light box and the new camera make a big difference. Looks great. Reminds me, I need to build a bigger light box. Too many projects…

Warhammer 39,999
8 years ago

That’s a good looking piece. Is it entirely scratch built? Is that a hair-roller I see on the front of it?

Jeremy Brink
8 years ago

That is super-sweet! awesome construction! that’s something i like about orks — since they salvage and cobble stuff together you can do anything. and you have done more than anything, you really made it look orky! great job.