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Eldar Swooping Hawks Painting Showcase (WH40K)

    I’m taking new pictures of my finished models.  I have a new camera and in addition to getting better pictures of my collection I am using this as an opportunity to improve my photography skills.

    Here is a squad of Swooping Hawks that I painted up a while ago.  My goal when painting these was to create smooth, subtle but effective highlights.  Overall I’m quite happy with how they came out.  They won first place in the squad category at the April Assault, a hobby oriented event at the FLGS earlier this year.


    I’ve posted these on my deviantART page, where you can also see some of my other random endeavors.

    Thanks for reading.

    Let me know what you think!


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    11 years ago

    Nice shots. It’s a great looking unit.

    JD Brink
    11 years ago

    Those look great! Hawks are meticulous models to paint, but you took your time and did it right. nice work!