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Ork Lootas and Shootas Painting Showcase (WH40K)

It was a productive week for me.  I finished the 10th loota to complete the unit.  I also managed to paint 9 shoota boyz.  For the shoota boyz I decided to try a camo scheme since the warboss is a blood axe.  Camo can actually be quicker than solid colors because you don’t really need to highlight it to make it look good.  In the gallery below you’ll see the last two Lootas painted up, a group shot of the unit, and a couple of group shots of the shoota boyz.

Lootas & Shootas Gallery

Another 5 slugga boys to go, then I’ve got a bunch of bases to paint and some detail work on the trukks.

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8 years ago

Nice work. Must feel nice to be making so much progress?

You using a different camera? The quality of the shots looks better than previous ones.