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Grottrogg, Counts as Ghazghkull, Painting Showcase

    As I neared the completion of my loota mob (half way through the tenth model) I became distracted and started working on my warboss instead.  He’s based on the metal Ghazghkull model with some repositioning and added bits. He will swap between counting as Ghaz and just being a warboss in mega armor.  I would like to spend a little more time adding some free hand glyphs but I decided to call this good for the Standoff.  He also has a bosspole that I’m not using for the Standoff so that will be finished later as well.

    Grottrogg (Ghazghkull)

    I’ll finish up the last of the lootas and dive into the 20ish remaining sluggas and shootas this week.


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    11 years ago

    It is a shame that GW made the Ghaz model a Knuckle dragging Ape. This looks much better!
    Have you played your Ork list in 6th Edition? Curious how they do.

    11 years ago

    I remember this guy. Glad to see he’s almost done!