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Rebel Grot Company Command Squad Painting Showcase

Rebel Grot Company Command Squad

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays!  Mine were fun but hectic as usual.  I was lucky enough not to lose power during the big storms so I’m thankful for that.

Today I have a quick update on the Company Command Squad and the Ratling Snipers for my Rebel Grots army.  Since my last update I managed to finish the CCS lascannon team:

They still need a coating of matte sealer to protect them and make them a little less shiny.

After finishing the lascannon team I went back to the Ratling Snipers:

I’ve got the skin, cloaks, and leather where I want them.  I hope to wrap up the rest by next week.  It’s not a lot of progress for a two week period where I only had to work two days but the holiday break is never as productive as I’d like it.  Now that things are settling back into normal routine I should be able to pick up the pace again!

Thanks for looking!

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6 years ago

Love the snipers, especially the dude in the prone.

6 years ago

Nice. Good to see the Command Squad done and the snipers are coming along well. You made more progress over the holidays than I did.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kamui

Congrats! That’s awesome. Once you have a core done then adding in what you need doesn’t seem so bad or time consuming on the hobby front.