Scratch Built Taurox Turret

Hello all,

It was a busy week so I haven’t made a lot of progress on the hobby front, but I did manage to design and start building a turret for my scratch built Taurox proxy.

The Taurox itself is already pretty tall so I tried to keep that turret as low profile as possible without making it look like a pancake.  I still need to build the autocannons to fit into the cutout, and I will add some armor plating as I detail it.

Taurox 9-22-14 Taurox 9-22-14 (1)

Taurox 9-22-14 (2)

The Rebel Grots are getting a chunky little half-track to ride around in!  Eventually I’ll have two or three of these to support my infantry squads.  Have any of you tried the Taurox in your games?

  • I think you nailed the height and size of the turret. It looks perfect on there.

    Is this for use in your 1,650 list?

    • Thanks! This is the fourth design I tried. I had to keep trimming them down until they looked right. Fortunately I was able to “test fit” them in the CAD program before building them.

      This is for my 1650 list. I’m still playing with ideas for the rest of the army but I’ll be adding one or two of these to support the Infantry Squads. I might add a third for the platoon command squad then the conscripts will be the only ones without transport. I figure they just pile on top of random vehicles when the army mobilizes.

  • Great progress! The main advantage I’ve seen with Taurox is how small they are. They are really tiny, and extremely easy to hide. Makes them a lot more effective then you’d first think.

    • Thanks. From the pictures I’ve managed to dig up it looks like the Taurox has a smaller footprint than a chimera but is taller, so at the least they can hide behind the chimeras and still fire over them.

      I also read a blog post somewhere pointing out that the side access doors give you a 3-4 inch advantage when disembarking compared to the rear hatch on a chimera.

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