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Scratch Built Taurox Turret for Astra Militarum (40K)

It was a busy week so I haven’t made a lot of progress on the hobby front, but I did manage to design and start building a turret for my scratch built Taurox proxy.

The Taurox itself is already pretty tall so I tried to keep that turret as low profile as possible without making it look like a pancake.  I still need to build the autocannons to fit into the cutout, and I will add some armor plating as I detail it.

Taurox 9-22-14 Taurox 9-22-14 (1)

Taurox 9-22-14 (2)

The Rebel Grots are getting a chunky little half-track to ride around in!  Eventually I’ll have two or three of these to support my infantry squads.  Have any of you tried the Taurox in your games?

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7 years ago

I think you nailed the height and size of the turret. It looks perfect on there.

Is this for use in your 1,650 list?

7 years ago

Great progress! The main advantage I’ve seen with Taurox is how small they are. They are really tiny, and extremely easy to hide. Makes them a lot more effective then you’d first think.