House Hawkshroud Knight Titan

House Hawkshroud Knight Titan Paint in Progress

Back again in almost a week! Just been a little bit over I suppose, but hey I have a big model to show off.

The Knight Titan kit is one of the most interesting kits I think GW has ever put together. It was a breeze to assemble and quite entertaining to paint, though I felt like I really had to push at the end here to get it done before my vacation was up.

I started plugging away on this guy on Friday afternoon. I didn’t have a ton of time with him then, but an hour or so with the airbrush, and a few hours with metallics saw the basic colors of the model lined out.

Saturday I pushed for nearly six hours during the day as the grandparents took the kiddos to the fair and another 2 hours later in the evening. Sunday I booked probably close to 4 hours and a similar amount of time today (Monday).

I have always been impressed by the yellow and red quarter schemes, at one point I almost painted howling griffons instead of white scars. I spent a good deal of time figuring out what basic scheme I wanted to go with, and seeing the house hawkshroud black and yellow scheme I found something I could easily adjust to my liking.

I have yet to pick a name for him as you can see the script on his chain sword and chest are blank, but I should have one coming soon.

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Painting Thoughts

There is so much detail in this kit you can really get lost in the model. The decals really go a long way in helping those of us not terribly awesome at freehand come away with a really good looking model. The weathering was done with oil washes and pigments. The base was colored with pigments and matte varnish mixed together, then you guessed it – more pigment. I don’t think the dry earthly look can be pulled off any other way.

There is a lot more I could do on the base with the trench works below the titan, but I am not quite sure what to put in there. If I find the proper pieces before the SS4 I will certainly add them.

Anyway, wife is staring at me telling me it’s time to go to bed, so have a good week everyone.

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Really fantastic job. Love that base! Get some more shots of it! Some pretty great weathering here too. Lovely grimy streaks. Great yellows. This is more then just a tabletop piece!


@warrenfalconer:disqus is the master-baser ;)


That looks awesome. Your weathering is always great and really shines on this model. One of your best pieces of work for sure.


Nice work! Knights do look like a really fun kit to build and paint.
Are the House heraldry decals outlined in white, or is that shine off of the decal itself? How do you feel about that white border?


Very nice! That’s a very creative and well executed base. I have trouble coming up with that much inspiration for the base! I haven’t tried oil washes or pigments but you’re getting great results with them. Maybe you can throw together a tutorial for us some time?

Nathaniel Gibbs
Nathaniel Gibbs

Very cool. Your yellow looks great. I have such a hard time painting yellow so kudos to you :)