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Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken Painted and a Plague Lord

    Sunday I was lucky enough to have an entire day to myself, I took the entire day and sacrificed it to the paint gods. Honestly I started a 830 am and went until about 530 pm with only 2 15 minute breaks. I can’t believe the day blew by so fast.

    I spent all day working on my Colonel Iron Hand Strakken. I was surprised I have spent so much time with this model. Friday evening I must have pumped another 3 hours into this guy. In total there is probably 12 hours of work into this model and there is still more I can do. I am not sure if I will do more but I can certainly see more to do. I think I will sit it down for a week or two and if I have the drive come back and take a look at working some more shading into him.

    I am pleased with the result I think I did well with the paint job considering the sculpt. There was a lot more work to be done on this one, especially when compared with the plague lord which basically painted itself. Here are some more pictures of the entire base. He is on a 25mm round base.

    I have also tied up the plague lord. Here are a few better shots of him.

    This next week will be pretty busy even with a few days off thrown in. I am looking forward to going down to xroads and getting a few games in even if there isn’t a tournament. I still have yet to figure out a list I really like, hopefully I can throw something against the wall and it will stick, preferably something I have completely painted. As far as painting for November goes I am picking away at the ork squad and just primed my knight titan. So both of those projects will get under way here in the next few weeks.

    Anyway have an awesome week everyone hope you enjoyed the updates.

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    9 years ago

    They look awesome. Great job. I’m continually impressed with your basing.

    9 years ago

    “I can’t believe the day blew by so fast.” One of the best parts about performing art…that lovely loss of time when you reach an almost meditative state while you work. And your work definitely is art. The bases are suburb and inspiring, and I love the model!

    9 years ago

    Nicely done! Is there really a 25mm base hiding under all of that? I particularly like the birch tree trunks.

    The Plague Lord looks great as well!

    JD Brink
    9 years ago

    Congrats on your skill and stamina. Looks great! And Straken was the only character from the last codex I thought worth taking (not that I had a Guard army, but if I did…)