Standish Standoff Painting Entries Completed

At the time of this posting I will be on the road to the Standish Standoff. I am very excited it has been awhile since I have been able to get out of the house for any period of time and decompress. After work today I was able to  get everything organized. I touched up a few models and I was able to get some photos with good lighting.

The only category I didn’t have a project for was the squad category. I may end up throwing my white scars scout squad in there. They look pretty neat but I doubt they compete with what others bring to the table.

Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken

So here is Iron Hand in all his glory 25mm category. I added more highlights on the face reworked some of the metals and made some of his wires stand out a bit more.

Plague Lord

The plague lord on the docks is the my 40mm entry.


Eisenhorn is my 50mm/60mm entry. I previously had him on a crazy marble looking base. But as I tried to make the base do what I want it really wasn’t working out. So I went a different direction picturing him busting up a saloon or something similar on an old back world planet. I love this model I don’t think the paint job is good enough to place but I am looking forward to others getting to see this old model.

Knight Titan

For the vehicle entry we have the knight titan. I have done some work to layer in  additional colors of pigment to his base and finished out the script work. I also included a few more pictures of his base.

Lelith vs Lemartes

And finally we have the diorama which hasn’t changed much at all from my first post.

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing every one there and will give a recap on everything next week some time hopefully. With any luck my White Scars can take a scalp or two, but I certainly don’t have my hopes up. It will be a great time though, I have never had a bad game at this event.

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Standish Standoff Painting Entries Completed
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