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Standish Standoff Painting Entries Completed (Showcase)

    At the time of this posting I will be on the road to the Standish Standoff. I am very excited it has been awhile since I have been able to get out of the house for any period of time and decompress. After work today I was able to  get everything organized. I touched up a few models and I was able to get some photos with good lighting.

    The only category I didn’t have a project for was the squad category. I may end up throwing my white scars scout squad in there. They look pretty neat but I doubt they compete with what others bring to the table.

    Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken

    So here is Iron Hand in all his glory 25mm category. I added more highlights on the face reworked some of the metals and made some of his wires stand out a bit more.

    Plague Lord

    The plague lord on the docks is the my 40mm entry.


    Eisenhorn is my 50mm/60mm entry. I previously had him on a crazy marble looking base. But as I tried to make the base do what I want it really wasn’t working out. So I went a different direction picturing him busting up a saloon or something similar on an old back world planet. I love this model I don’t think the paint job is good enough to place but I am looking forward to others getting to see this old model.

    Knight Titan

    For the vehicle entry we have the knight titan. I have done some work to layer in  additional colors of pigment to his base and finished out the script work. I also included a few more pictures of his base.

    Lelith vs Lemartes

    And finally we have the diorama which hasn’t changed much at all from my first post.

    Anyway I am looking forward to seeing every one there and will give a recap on everything next week some time hopefully. With any luck my White Scars can take a scalp or two, but I certainly don’t have my hopes up. It will be a great time though, I have never had a bad game at this event.

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    9 years ago

    Great job as always with your entries. I hope you do better this year as last year was just odd with the placing on painting.

    As for myself, I have three categories I feel I stand a chance in. My painting is always for my armies and what I need to paint, which doesn’t always translate well into painting competition entries.


    Anyway, see you shortly!

    JD Brink
    9 years ago

    I am impressed by your ambition as much as your painting! That’s awesome that you have so many projects to put out there, and it looks like you’ll be taking home some trophies too!