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Plague Champion #2 Is Now Painted for Chaos Marines

    Finally got this guy wrapped up and I’m pretty pleased with how he came out.

    I’m one of those people who paints based on value and position. Meaning my HQs and elites see more love than troop choices.

    However, with my Plague Marines in general I’ve spent more time on them then I would a normal Chaos Marine. My Sarges/Nobs/Champions always get more time then the rest of the unit but still not as substantial as other models I’ll paint for the army.

    Plague Champion Gallery

    Here’s some shots of my Plague Champion.

    Painting Thoughts

    The shots are a bit darker than I’d like. Still working on a better setup.

    Anyway, I did some green stuff work on this Champion to convert him from a normal Chaos Marine.

    I added some plaguey details here and there and sculpted him a large horn for his helmet. I also drilled  the Nurgle symbol into his leg for some detail.

    The model is base coated in dark fleshtone, dry brushed camouflage green, washed over with dark fleshtone, dry brushed again with camo then rotting flesh.

    I then do a final highlight with rotting flesh. This gives the model more earthy tones and is not as bright a green as I often see with Plague Marines.

    The fist I’m really happy with. I wanted to get a sort of glowing puss look to it so it’s dry brushed up from black with 4 shades of yellow then a highlight of the lightest yellow and white in a few spots.

    It’s not how I’ve traditionally done power weapons but I feel it fits perfectly with the Plague Champion.


    It was a nice change of pace working on this Plague Champion. It’s fun to do something different that’s a bit more free with approach than the usual.


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    12 years ago

    Nice. What’s that on the side of his head? A barnacle?

    12 years ago

    Looks good!

    12 years ago

    I like the subtle, sickly glow of the power fist.  Nice work!

    Dave G
    12 years ago

    Very nicely done!