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Chaos Helbrute Painting Showcase for Chaos Space Marines

    This Chaos Space Marines Helbrute (Deathcry) has been pretty much done for a while. By pretty much I mean I had everything done and sealed except for the ranged weapon arm and the weapon under the power fist. For a while I wasn’t sure what other weapon I wanted to give him. So, he sat in limbo for a bit.

    I love the look of the havoc launcher, so I converted it a bit to work on the Helbrute, nothing major. I normally don’t run a combi-bolter on my Helbrute, Chaos has to pay for it, but I had created it a long time ago and figured I may as well paint it up and slap it on for some shots. The combi-bolter is also magnetized.

    Anyway, enough rambling and on to pictures.

    Aside: I merged two separate showcases into this one if you’re wondering why the picture quality difference.

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    Helbrute Painting Showcase

    Painting Thoughts

    I’m pretty happy with how this Helbrute came out. It was a conversion I started a long time ago (Assault on Black Reach starter set), back when they were Dreadnoughts, not Helbrutes. I figure he’s a more recent addition to the Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Space Marines warband, so he lacks the mutated look the new Helbrutes have.

    Deathcry (Helbrute) Showcase

    This more recent gallery has Deathcry updated to the fluffy snow technique.

    I just noticed there’s a hair that shows up on the twin-linked lascannon arm at the bottom of the Chaos symbol. Doh!


    The twin-linked lascannon is made from the Iconclad Dreadnought’s hurricane bolter casing with some plastic syringe tips for the lascannons. It’s a simple conversion but I think it works.

    Oh, his name Deathcry is a bit of a joke because whenever I field this Helbrute he doesn’t accomplish anything, and because of the face of the model. I tell everyone he’s crying because nobody wants to play with him.


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    9 years ago

    Oh I like that, the pink power weapon really works with the armour’s colours……and you know what? It works brilliantly with the Dreads ‘face’ ;-)
    Great work.

    9 years ago

    Not too shabby a conversion. Barrels are a little weedy, but it’s a good use of the hurricane bolter casing.

    9 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Absolutely. To be fair, if you went too large on the barrels, say by using Land Raider sponson versions, you run the risk of it being TOO large and dominating the whole Dread silhouette. You could call him Popeye!

    9 years ago

    Something that might be fun at some point thor…try painting up a cadian as “frozen” with lots of blue, and then stick him in the snow! I like the cool split nature of the dread here. Looking cool man!

    9 years ago

    A very nice crisp paintjob. I really like the pink fist, and the face looks really good. Great job man! :)

    Joe B
    9 years ago

    I’ve always been a bit sad fielding my dread/helbrute as they are never as cools as they should be. At least they won’t shoot your own squad – twice, like they used to. The sad face is impressive how well it is worked into the face-plate.

    Joe B
    9 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    I remember reading those and thinking the same thing. Where they a WD formation or a black library digital? I have two more helbrutes that have been patiently waiting for paint to complete the formations.

    JD Brink
    9 years ago

    Great job. I really like the claw and chaos symbols. Nice work!