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Chaos Terminator Painting Showcase for Chaos Marines

Chaos Terminator Painting

Seems like I was working on this model forever. Once I had decided my paint scheme I wanted to see it on a model and began painting this Chaos Terminator.

Once I had things base coated I knew I liked the scheme and left him that way for a while as I worked on models that ‘needed’ to get done. I finally got back around to him and I’m glad he’s finally done.

The shots are a bit dark. I’m still working out lighting for the light box I made. Really I just need an area I can leave it set up so I’m not dragging stuff around each time.

Terminator Gallery

Painting Thoughts

Overall I’m really happy with how he came out.

This model took a while too because really he was my test model for everything. I figured if I worked out all the details on this model then I’d have a template to work from going forward.

The power weapon took me three tries to get it to where I was happy with it. I had a hard time trying to determine a color that worked with the rest of the scheme.

The warband logo took me a few tries as well. Painting a crescent moon was a bit tricky to get the shape right. That and painting white over black is never really ideal.

The half paint scheme wasn’t too bad to do, but I tried various methods of shading on the greyish blue before I was happy with that.

I settled on just using Nuln Oil wash to get the shading, which ties the blue back over to the black side too.

Now I have it figured out the next ones should go a lot quicker. Looking forward to having the entire unit of Terminators all painted up.

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9 years ago

I like it man, great job!

9 years ago

Looks good!  I’m liking the halved color scheme, and purple power weapons are cool.

9 years ago

That Looks awesome! I must say when I first saw the paint scheme that you were going with, I wasn’t so sure, but this looks fantastic! The only problem I see is a gap in between the body and the shoulder of the combi-melta arm. Probably due to a magnet I’m guessing?

Dave G
9 years ago

Ooo, niiice

Ron Saikowski
Ron Saikowski
9 years ago

Looks like a nice, solid paintjob  there. The details like the crescent moon and the purple on the power weapon are nice touches.

Very nice.
Ron, From the Warp