Skull Champion

Berzerker Skull Champion Painting Showcase

Finally wrapped up the last unpainted model for my Berzerker squad. As I mentioned on the WIP post, nothing really fancy with this guy; just a basic tabletop paint job. I did do some blending on the power sword though. I always like making my power weapons stand out regardless of painting quality on the rest of the model. One or two elements on a model that are well painted can really draw focus away from an otherwise mediocre paint job.

Skull Champion


Painting Thoughts

Overall I’m happy with how this guy came out. Knocking out a model without the need for endless blending was a nice change from my last session. He fits in with the unit so I’m pleased with the result.

Regarding the power sword, I did a bunch of experimenting with it. I started off the same way I did the one for my Herald of Khorne, but realized that method was going to be way too time consuming. I then tried another method where you basically block in the colors and then blend the seams, but I found that annoying and not overly convincing.

Instead I tried something I’ve done before and found the process quick and effective. I would tell you what that technique was, but I want to master it more and do a tutorial on it; so you’ll have to wait :)

I can say that it’s a technique I haven’t seen before. That’s not to say I invented it, just that I haven’t run across it is all.

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Berzerker Skull Champion Painting Showcase
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