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Chaos Daemon Prince Painting Showcase – Darktide

    As with some of the other old models I’m taking pictures of, at the time of painting this model (2012) I didn’t have a setup for pictures that would accommodate it. Now that I do, and I had some free time, it was time to rectify the problem.

    I also updated his basing for the proper snow method I now use. Previously he just had that old terrible GW snow flock.

    Daemon Prince Showcase


    This is probably my favorite Chaos model ever made. The Prince has so much character and detail. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s metal, but considering how awesome a model it is, I can live with that.

    This was where I began with the pink power weapon technique. These are the humble beginnings, and it’s not bad considering. I do paint my power swords differently now, technique-wise, but I still like this one.

    This Prince remains one of my favorite models I’ve painted, and I’m glad to finally get some proper shots of him.

    Within my warband’s fluff he’s the second of them to fall to Chaos; the first being Ghostwrath. In battle he fights beside Ghostwrath and watches his back.

    Also, that’s why I painted Darktide the inverse of Ghostwrath. Ghostwrath is white with red wing webbing, where Darktide is red with white wing webbing. Someone had commented all those years ago on the blog about doing it that way (I forget who), but it was a clever idea that I ran with.


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    6 years ago

    The plastic DP is seriously a watered-down version of that metal sculpt. I need to hunt one of them up one of these days. You’ve done an excellent job with it here.

    Rory - Stepping Between Games

    I love that model so very much and you did a fantastic job on it.