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Chaos Cultists Painting Showcase

Chaos Cultists Painted

Here we have yet more units I painted years ago that I never took pictures of. Nothing fancy here, just the fodder of Chaos, Cultists.

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Cultists Squad #1


Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite units I’ve painted. I like the aesthetic of the unit, and even with a really simple paint job they look good.

I’m also really happy with the freehand Chaos star I did on the back of the Champion coat.

Cultists Squad #2



Not much to say about these guys. Like the first squad, it’s a simple paint job of base coat, wash, and highlight. There’s no sense putting a lot of effort into models that die when you look at them, right? ;)


A simple paint job on both units that’s mostly base coating with washes, and then coming in after with layering to clean some stuff up.

I didn’t want to put a ton of time into painting the Cultists, but I did aim for slightly above a tabletop standard. They’re probably painted to a higher quality than their ability on the table :)

As I mentioned, these are my favorite units I’ve painted, even stacked up against my Chaos Marines. I think it’s because of the variation; it’s not just power armor everywhere that all looks the same.

I also just like the idea of Cultists; raving fanatics who follow along with the more powerful.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some pretty standard painting techniques.

I do have tutorials that cover the proper way to wash miniatures and the basics of layering if you’re curious.

Anyway, it was time I got some proper shots of these Cultists and they do look great against that backdrop. So, glad I held off since before my setups was pretty terrible and wouldn’t have done the Cultists justice.

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3 years ago

The culties from Dark Vengeance are a lot of fun to paint. Lots of nice detail and variation, and, as you say, you can get them looking good with surprisingly quick paint jobs.

3 years ago

Very nice. I’ve got some of these lined up in my painting queue.