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Chaos Defiler Painting Showcase – Ragefist

    I got this Defiler for free from a gaming buddy 6 years ago. It was in decent shape, but I did have to tear quite a bit of it a part to fix some issues.

    So, things aren’t exactly how I’d like them in a perfect world, but I can’t complain about a free model either.

    Ragefist has been painted for a few years. Like the other showcases I’m doing lately, I finally got pictures of him to document my entire army.

    Defiler Painting Showcase

    Painting Thoughts

    I had a lot of fun painting this model. I used the leg plates as a chance to play around with some freehand. I wanted to give the Defiler some distinctive markings and it was hard to pass up freehanding stuff on all those empty armor plates.

    It’s a pretty simple paint job overall, but I really like the model. It’s one of my all time favorite Chaos models. The Defiler just screams raging daemonic engine like no other.

    The weapons on the “head” are magnetized so I can swap out the autocannon and flamer for something else should I choose. I did create a scourge for the Defiler but it isn’t painted or completed yet.


    I do wish the Defiler was better in the game, but I’ll still use him regardless. It’s such a cool model, and I’ve always been a fan of using miniatures you like regardless of how they stack up against similar units.

    Oh, the snow on the feet are there because the rest of the army has snow on their bases. I thought it would be a nice touch to tie it in where the Defiler doesn’t come with a base. I mean, you could base the Defiler but it would be awkward and weird on anything that’s not a flat surface.

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    4 years ago

    Very nice model: I’m another time impressed by the hand you have for the freehands, your line are very straight. I’ve noticed the head that is beautiful, is it made by you or simply without any mask like an Imperia knight?

    And some gore somewhere!