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Conversions – 30K Techmarine & 40K Thundergryph Cavalry Lord

    Duoboros – Alpha Legion Techmarine

    Part of my Alpha legion 30k army project (having 1 or more of each unit entry that appeals to me) I have been working on a techmarine/forgelord model. The base model is a space marine lord executioner. The axe head is being exchanged for a red butcher axe head to give it some heft and to make it more cog like. I wanted a myrmidon secutor axe but could not source one. The backpack was fitted with a servo arm from ebay (Zinge industries), and had one exhaust vent cut off to accommodate it. The cloak will be made from cables and mechatendrils, while his head comes from the space marine devastator kit. I filed off all of the imperial eagle symbols but left the Fast attack symbol on one of his shoulder pads as the XX legion can use this as an identifier. I left the purity seals [Oaths of moment] and crux [Campaign badge] on as they have heresy era alternatives.

    From my collection of parts I assembled the model into the required sub-assemblies to ready him for painting, testing the fit for each part as I went so that I was sure that everything would slot together fine once the painting had been done. I then proceeded with the painting phase. Undercoating and then following my process for painting my alpha legion. Leaving the contact points for the components paint free to allow for easier gluing.


    The mockup of his cloak. This was heated and bent into shape before being painted and glued into place.



    Here we have the finished model. Striding forwards axe in hand with his servo arm over his shoulder, and his cloak following behind him. To finish off I added a servo skull . The smaller servo arm I like to think is an analogy the greater understanding and availability of advanced technology present in the 30k setting and his cloak of mechatendrils adds to this.

    Rapiers from kromlech, seated gun handling marines are from the Damocles rhino kit. One of the spotters is from the mastodon kit, while the other is made from spare pieces taken from the bits box. The legion medusa is a modified solar auxhilla model with the medusa/earthshaker weapons magnetised to allow for interchangeability. The land raider has had a multi melta added and the lascannons are pinned to allow for removal as the LR was damaged when I got it.


    Close up showing the crew and the rapiers in more detail. These models are awaiting having their bases done to match my AL but I needed more supplies which have yet to arrive.

    Thundergryph Lord

    A warrior to lead them.

    To lead my thundergryph cavalry against their foes I assembled this model. He is based on the storm cast eternals lord aquilor model, where the original 3 were based on Stormcast Vanguard Palladors.


    On his base we have a chaos knight shin plate that has suffered a hammer impact and has been slashed by the claws of a thundergryph.

    The weapon he wields is a combination power weapon that can be used as a power lance or as a thunder hammer. His background pits him as a knight in training before his ascension into a space marine. This weapon gives him a very knight like lance for charges and a hammer for beating on things. This will change with 8th edition.

    A group shot showing the thunder gryphs and their captain. All members of the Storm Hawks tenth of X company, which is used as a place to put all of the more abnormal marines. These are thunder gryph riders, those who keep eagles and hawks as pets, those who train gryph hounds [read fenrisian wolves], as well as all of the marines who for one reason or another do not mesh into chapter structure and a rhino that sends foes running at its approach. So far two alpha legion tactical squads, a unit of cultists, a squad of scions and a chaos sorcerer. Most of which fled from the table after failing their tank shock tests.

    The lord is posed to show him directing his unit forwards towards the next kill.


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    7 years ago

    The Space Marine you used for the Techmarine is one of my favorite models, and it works great for a Techmarine. It gives him an intimidation that Techmarines don’t normally have.

    Nice to see the Thundergryph get their Lord to lead them. It’s such a cool unit. Well done.

    7 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    I agree and now axes don’t automatically hit last, bonus.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    7 years ago
    Reply to  Rory

    When used in 40k yes, in 30k he is a 40pt upgrade for my Mastodon. (as he rides in it repairing hull points. I found out to my cost that it dies really fast without this) Due to the way I constructed my AL army I can use them in both game systems. [In 40k as either chaos or loyalist marines with only my breachers, volkite heavy weapons squad and tyrant siege terminators being non codex choices (I can still buy 5 terminators cyclone launchers each and use them. Thank you separate wargear points values.) As for volkites and the breachers I shall have to find an equivalent in order to use them in 8th ed 40k]

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    7 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Thanks Thor,
    Of the techmarines I have painted and built this one is my favourite. (I painted his lenses mephiston red instead of the usual scorpion green as it seemed more fitting.)

    7 years ago

    Red is a great contrasting color for the paint scheme you have. Good call.