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#MonsterMarch 3 (2019) – Part 5 Finale

    KDM Dragon king

    With the lava effect base done and dusted on the Dragon king, and with the final little cleanup tasks completed he is ready to face down the survivors of Kingdom death. I have also painted up the four dragon king armour survivors and their bases to partially match the beast they are made from.

    KDM is very monster hunter in its approach to armour and weapons, Rip creatures apart and use the remains to make gear.

    Bonus model – Knight armour of brother Nixios

    With so much of my focus being on the Void Jackals it would have been rude to not paint up at least one knight armour for them. Starting out as a knight Valiant I have modified the model in the following ways. Head replacement (swapping out the normal head for one acquired from shapeways), construction of a hekaton siege claw (Made from a stripped down thundercoil harpoon, a battlefield accessories tank trap, Four armiger chainglaives, a leviathan dreadnought flamer and some plasticard) altering the pose (removing the guidance tabs from the legs and hips) and adding replacement weapons where the twin meltas would normally sit (a Rhino sensor relay and a stormraven assault cannon) I then set about giving the model a nice paint job.

    To do this I followed my Void jackal colour scheme with a few minor alterations as I had a larger model to work with this time. Essentially this meant that I could indulge with the chapter symbol and the warriors personal heraldry.

    I added some battle damage to some of the upper armour plates which I then picked out with a dark silver paint. The base like his armiger brethren will be completed once the diorama they are intended to be a part of is complete so I can match the base to my final design.

    I may even see to converting up two more knights to represent the three void jackals when they march to war. (BTW I still don’t understand why GW doesn’t just let you design your own knight at this point. Pts for a base body and then its up to you to fill the hardpoints with the available options from say a list.)


    Last year / this year

    Last year I managed to complete four models during monster march (eldar wraithseer, KDM phoenix, KDM lion god, Alpha legion Mhara gal), this year I have powered through eleven models (KDM dragon king, AT Warlord titan, 2 Armigers, Nakar fel, Macrocarid explorator, A void jackal knight and four dragon king armour set survivors)

    A very productive month and a great community challenge. Congrats to all the other participants of Monster March your models and projects have provided me with the drive that I needed to crack on with the models I tackled this year. And It helped me shrink my to do pile but then again there’s still more than three hundred models in my pile of shame…Oh well 35 till I can complete my dioramas so that my next target. Until next time.


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    5 years ago

    Awesome job on getting your challenge completed. Great work on the painting as well.

    5 years ago
    Reply to  Caladaris

    That’s great. Keep pushing and keep trying to improve, it’s what keeps things interesting and fun in this hobby. It’s too easy to stall out and plateau.