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Dreadtober 2018 - Part #5

Dreadtober 2018 – Part #5: The Aftermath

Magos Scoria

I added some green dots for his eye lenses and then proceeded to wash the main model with agrax earthshade and then the base with red ink. After then doing a final pass to make sure everything was fine and to make final minor adjustments to the scheme I called him done.

I did not glue him to his base though as I could foresee something snapping if I tried to glue him down as he touches the base at four points with only the tips of his scorpion legs. By not gluing him in place (he sits fine on his base) then there is no danger of someone grabbing him by say the tail and snapping something as they try to lift both him and the base in one go.

Dark angels Deredeo dreadnought

With the magos Scoria having been completed, I found an undercoated Deredeo in one of my project boxes (while looking for a terminator thunder hammer) so I grabbed my Dark Angels paints and gave them a shake.

It’s a simpler scheme but he is a gaming piece more than a display model. He is now set to accompany my Dark Angels hellblasters in to battle and give my opponents a headache over which is the greater threat.


Monthly progress

And now for a collected image of every model I managed to get painted up for Dreadtober.


As a final pace to this years Dreadtober I thought I’d dig out the model I did last year and do a comparison shot next to my favourite model from this years batch. (Which also gives me a reference point as to my level of painting and how I have fared over the intervening year.)

Final thoughts

Dreadtober has been great for giving my hobby time a boost. I still have 300+ models in my to do pile but thanks to dreadtober most of the larger models have now been done. (There is one dreadnought left but I have something very special planned for him & the parts didn’t arrive in time.)

Next up is for me to get the rest of the models done for my dark heresy rogues gallery. (The Fade leviathan dreadnought being one of the models for the rogues gallery.)

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Dreadtober 2018 – Part #5: The Aftermath
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