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Pre-Heresy Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought Showcase

    Hello everyone!

    Cadaver here from Home of Cadaver.

    I am really happy to announce that I have just finished this years Dreadtober Challenge from The Broken Paintbrush.

    After a month of (not so) hard work, I managed to finish a model that I had it sitting in my closet for the past 4 years (at least). The motivation and inspiration that everyone gave me with their wonderful participation was really outstanding, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished models.

    Without further ado then, here is my finished addition to my ever-growing Death Guard army.

    The model has been made using a similar palette with the rest of my army, trying to keep a uniform theme. I am glad I achieved that, bearing in mind that the previous model I tried painting for this army was aeons ago, I am glad I can still remember the colors I used.
    That said, I tried using some new techniques, mainly with the airbrush. The model was sprayed various bone and white tones to create the main shadows and highlights.

    Death Guard Contemptor: WIP

    It was then heavily weathered using a variety of brown and black inks and glazes to match the rugged and venerable look that I love creating on my Death Guard models, some WIPs of that stage you can see on my previous posts.

    The model was finished painting the wonderful resin base from Models and Minis in metallic tones.

    I could have added more details on colours and techniques used but I am short on time right now, if there are any questions I would be really happy to answer them in the comments and of course I would be more than happy to hear what you think!
    Finally, don’t forget to leave me a vote on CoolMiniOrNot if you have the time! :)

    Till next time and project, take care!



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    7 years ago

    Lovely work.

    7 years ago

    Great work there! DreadTober is such a wonderful motivator. It’s given me a real boost to my productivity the last couple of years.

    jack shrapnel
    7 years ago

    very nicely done. Battle damage is well done. Really like that basing too.

    7 years ago

    Nice work. I just love the look of weathered Death Guard, and your weathering is well done. Great job!

    7 years ago

    Looks well and it is always good to get the models that have just sat around painted.

    Joe B
    7 years ago

    Great work on finishing him. I like the more neon green on him rather than the typical olive drab, give him a more sinister, poisonous look. And the weathering is spot on.

    Nils Holmbergh
    7 years ago

    Very nice, I also like the tone of green you’ve used. Being that bright makes it a much more interesting contrast and will draw attention to it imo.