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Warhammer 40K Comic Report: Disciples of Twilight vs Ultramarines

    On Wednesday I got to try out a new list idea I have for the Standish Standoff, our big annual 40K tournament at my FLGS. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it, and feel like Khorne Daemonkin are going to be my best chance at a successful Chaos list. I could go Daemons, but I like my CSM too much.

    Seeing as this is more of a fun report – comic book and all, I won’t get into list details. I’ll save that for a more strategic report. However, it’s a CAD with a Gorepack formation, and an MSU build to try and capitalize on the Blood Tithe.

    Me and MSU builds have not done well historically. It’s not an approach that comes easy to me. I usually prefer just hammering into the enemy, not dancing and choosing the right opportunities. So, it would be a good chance to improve upon that.

    Anyway, on to the comic!

    The Game


    Dave (my opponent), and I typically have very close games. However, from the start of this game I took an early advantage. With my Knight neutering the squadron of 3 Venerable Dreadnoughts with shooting, I was off to a great start. I kept the Knight central to bait in the Dreadnoughts while the rest of my army encircled his force, and pinned down his fast Bike units. With the Bikes pinned, and my Knight hammering the only real threats to it, all Dave could do was try and hang in the game. My late game Thirster summon was for the hell of it, and to just seal the deal.

    I was very happy with how my list played out. The Blood Tithe was a slow build, but once it got built up I was able to maximize its use. I almost forgot how much I like the Knight with Khorne too. With CSM I go with Tzeentch, but Khorne is a great setup as well, and cheaper.

    A great game, some good practice, and I’m looking forward to more practice.


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    7 years ago

    Great bat rep! Very well disposed and easy to follow. Death to False Emperor!

    7 years ago

    Cool battle report! I think it is the first I’ve read since I stopped to play, more or less 15 years ago!

    7 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Yes, I am not a player so to me it is quite a nonsense read them, but you have written a catchy one! Great job!