Obliterators and Warforce

Disciples of Twilight vs Necrons – Comic Book Battle Report

Thomas did this awesome comic book style battle report, and since I’ve been itching to try it myself. So, I goofed off and came up with my own.

There’s a lot more I could have done with this, but I was learning the software, and working out a process to assemble it. The next time I do one I will have a much better idea what I’m doing. Still, I think it’s neat.

This is a pretty brief report. I tried to hit all the high points in the game, but it does feel a bit jumpy in parts. Again, a lesson learned for the next attempt. Don’t let anyone tell you that putting together a comic style report is easy…

Since this is a different style of report, I’m not going to run through the lists, mission, setup, etc. Instead, let’s just jump in.


The game was close early on, with only a few points between us. Losing my Knight on turn #2 was rough. It took Kenny’s entire army, but he brought it down. That left my left flank wide open and weak.

I was holding up well enough on the right flank, but Kenny just kept pouring in more and more bodies, burying my Obliterators and Sorcerer. I was pinned in with no way to effectively score points.

The game went to turn #7 with Kenny pulling a victory of 17-12.

Is this report style something you like? Should I do more in the future?

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7 turn game is a mammoth effort! I love this battle report style and think it has a place as a regular feature. I understand about being a bit light on detail, but I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Good write up and fair play for trying out the style. I think more panels would have helped us understand the battle a bit more. Shame about the knight but Necrons (or Nuerons as the typo states) are always going to be tough on anything with armour.

I think the trick with Prisma is not to make the images so distorted you cannt make them out.


Very entertaining!


Excellent narrative report. My favorite aspect of the format, tho, is the sound effects. BOOM! Swipe! Snick! :D


Excellent bat rep! You developed the style for sure.


I liked it alot :) I dont usually read battle reports, but this wwas easily digestible and entertaining. Moar please

Spectre Senence

I can see this style working for you Thor it is very cool. I would suggest that you use more emphasis on your characters that you have done in your back stories for your chapter. I think you have such a great narrative with your Chaos Marines and that they come from your Imperial Marines. You added so much to the names of those important characters give us some early insight as what they are thinking before, during, and after the battle

Jack Shrapnel

Really enjoy these comic book battle reports!


This is pure gold, I would very much like to see more battle reports in this style! I rarely have time to sit through the longer video battle reports that are so popular these days, much less work through a wall of text. This seems to fit the bill perfectly.


I like the comic book format if you’re doing a battle report for a battle report’s sake, as an instalment in a log or whatever. It’s quicker than trudging through the “and then this happened and then that happened” style of reportage and it looks cooler too. As a device for delivering insight on tactics or rules it’s not brilliant – that needs the development that comes from verbiage.