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Disciples of Twilight vs Necrons – Comic Book Battle Report

Thomas did this awesome comic book style battle report, and since I’ve been itching to try it myself. So, I goofed off and came up with my own.

There’s a lot more I could have done with this, but I was learning the software, and working out a process to assemble it. The next time I do one I will have a much better idea what I’m doing. Still, I think it’s neat.

This is a pretty brief report. I tried to hit all the high points in the game, but it does feel a bit jumpy in parts. Again, a lesson learned for the next attempt. Don’t let anyone tell you that putting together a comic style report is easy…

Since this is a different style of report, I’m not going to run through the lists, mission, setup, etc. Instead, let’s just jump in.


The game was close early on, with only a few points between us. Losing my Knight on turn #2 was rough. It took Kenny’s entire army, but he brought it down. That left my left flank wide open and weak.

I was holding up well enough on the right flank, but Kenny just kept pouring in more and more bodies, burying my Obliterators and Sorcerer. I was pinned in with no way to effectively score points.

The game went to turn #7 with Kenny pulling a victory of 17-12.

Is this report style something you like? Should I do more in the future?

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Disciples of Twilight vs Necrons – Comic Book Battle Report
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