#MonsterMarch2 - Part #4

Monster March 2 – Marching to Completion (Part #4)

Eldar Wraithseer

Story Excerpt (the farseer after being interrupted tells the whole tale of the wanderer)

The tale of the wanderer is a sad reminder of the fall of the Eldar race. A smaller craftworld that was known as the bastion that seeks the moon was caught in the path of a monkiegh fleet of considerable size.

The wanderer stood with his brethren as the enemy attacked. The enemy had seen through their seers conceal rune cast and with meticulous efficiency they tore through the small craftworld before facing the wanderer before the world’s sole Webway portal.

The wanderer struck down all who approached and the attacks continued until only he stood standing. His wraithbone skin fractured and cracked from battle and even so he would not yield. As the enemy massed for a final assault they separated to allow a cursed machine to stride forwards.

The monkeigh would have called the machine a contemptor but the warp knew it as a Mhara Gal, a cursed one. With his powers recoiling by the mere presence of the creature that should not be, the Wanderer still fought as the shroud of black fire licked at his frame. calcifying the exposed wraithbone around the damage he had already suffered. The wanderer buckled under the assault and fell into the webway portal.

As the Mhara Gal roared its victory the Webway gate fell inert and collasped. Lacking any remaining stability, the small craftworld began to break apart. Scattered to the winds by the enemy’s guns as they finished their extraction.

Awakening in the webway the Wanderer could no longer remember his home but was infused with a earning to return there. Standing tall the heavily scarred construct began to walk.

In the ten thousand years since the wanderer has emerged from webway gates all over the galaxy. Helping any Eldar he finds while smiting those he deems as foes. On four separate occasions the wanderer has fought with his ancient nemesis the Mhara Gal and each time neither has landed a killing blow.

And so now known to all craftworlders as ‘the wanderer’ he continues his eternal search for a home that no longer exists.

The Finished Model

I am very happy that after its years spent languishing in my projects box that this guy is finally finished. I made one error during construction where I misplaced the fins from the D cannon but then again there was no instructions and I have never built any other Eldar models before, I may add some runes to the burnt robes in the future.

Paints Used

Armour: Vallejo Game Colour 008 orange fire, P3 ember orange

Underlayer: GW Dark reaper, joints GW Skavenblight dinge

Dead soul stones: GW Celestra Grey

Burnt Robes: P3 umbral umber, GW skavenblight dinge, black

Faceplate: White

Blades: GW hoeth blue with white details.

D cannon energy: P3 Murderous Magenta

Battle damage: GW Ushabti bone, GW baneblade brown.

Active soul stones: Mephiston red and Teclis blue.

Base (Place holder. I want to do a webway styled base eventually) P3 Beaten purple.

Although where would this guy be without the antagonist from the story above.

Alpha Legion Mhara Gal

The Mhara Gal was in the process of being finished off at the start of the month. He still needs some more attention before I deem him to be complete. He has joined in with the festivities to menace his nemesis.)

This is where the idea for the burnt robes came from as the Mhara gal is said to enveloped in a shroud of dark fire.

The Alpha legion Mhara gal says hi. In 30K you can steal other armies’ exclusive units of which the Mhara gal is one. In 40k He counts as a hellforged contemptor dreadnought.

A gallery of my finished monster march projects

The wraithseer, phoenix and Lion god line up for their time in the spotlight.

The phoenix in all of its glory.

The Lion god steps up. The Face needs some more work but I am otherwise happy with my chosen scheme.

The wraithseer is already well photographed but a couple more cannot hurt.

These images were taken in my (Broken) Lightbox with natural light saturating the room I was taking the images in. The backdrop is the only one I still have and it is less than ideal as it was intended for photographing customised transformers:

An example of the lightbox and its original use. (When it was working correctly before it broke)

Now when people mention crossovers between IP’s I’d love to see what would happen if GW and Takara Tomy/Hasbro teamed up to make some WH40k Transformers. Links lead to my very low res megaton baneblade concept idea, and that is a discussion for another time, but with the apparent popularity of 40k in Japan anything could happen.


With this for me Monster March comes to a close (good luck to those still beavering away, seeing all the other projects has been a great inspiration) during the month I assembled the Wraithseer and then painted him along with the Kingdom death Lion God and Phoenix (Which I had already assembled) to a decent standard. I played with washes and effects to get the look I wanted and even wrote a small bit of fluff to explain why an Eldar wraithbone construct would suffer lasting damage when it can normally heal itself over time.

Thanks to Swordmaster for running monster march and thanks to all of those who have commented, you guys have been very helpful.

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Monster March 2 – Marching to Completion (Part #4)
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