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Comic Book Battle Report – Fate of Konor Week #3

    Last week my opponent and I opted to skip week #2 in the Fate of Konor campaign. However, this week my opponent mentioned playing this week’s mission, so that’s what we did!

    I do feel that these missions are pretty bland. They are virtually the same every week with a few minor tweaks. I was honestly hoping for something more narrative from the campaign than we’re seeing.


    The Game

    I of course had my Chaos Marines. I’ve stopped doing full-on breakdowns, but it was a mech focused list with Grimtech (Warpsmith) leading his menagerie of Daemon engines.

    My opponent (I’ve forgotten his name!) had Raven Guard with Deathwatch. It was almost all Primaris stuff.

    Aside: I started writing this report and quickly realized how bored I was. Even though my reports are very generalized, often they’re just not fun to create. So, I decided to go back and do one of the comic book style ones that I have fun making.

    Admittedly, this is a bit thin on content. I plan doing these type of reports ahead of time, so when I get into the game I can get the shots I want. However, this was off-the-cuff, so you work with what you got.



    Chaos was victorious by a single point. The only reason I was able to win was because of the new Chaos stratagem that lets you remove Cultists from the board and place them within 6″ of any table edge. Each Cultist unit was moved in this way to put them at the exit route table edge. The following turn they ran off the board, in turn scoring me 2pts for it. Those 2pts gave me the victory.

    The game was a lot of fun. Easily the closest game in 8th edition I’ve had yet. Both of us were rolling pretty hot, so casualties were really minimal.

    This was my first outing with the new Chaos codex. I picked it up the night I played, so I haven’t had much of a chance to go through it yet. However, I’m hoping to get in some time reading it this weekend.


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    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago

    Very interesting way to report on a battle. (keeping the action focused)
    They may as well have just given the imperial player the option to buy fortifications. These missions are just stronghold assault missions with the stronghold removed. (And very bland as you have described. )
    It would have been more fun to give the imperial player an objective EG defend a roadway that the crawlers will be using and thus having to stop the forces of chaos from blowing holes in them. (by allowing them to set explosives)

    6 years ago

    Seriously love reading battle reports in this manner (I rarely read them otherwise). Keep up the good work :). Congrats on your first win in 8th, well deserved

    Agree with the Kronor campaign missions. Very dull. The missions are very rinse and repeat. They could have done alot more but I feel it has been a very half hearted effort.

    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Oh yeah I concur. I tried writing one once or twice but hated it so never bothered again.

    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    Loved this report! I could have done with some more details but it looks ace. Bravo!

    Well done for securing the win and all.

    6 years ago

    I’m kind of hung over today from catching up with a friend yesterday, and I don’t think I could have paid attention to a “proper” BatRep. This was right about my speed right now, tho, and very entertaining. Thanks!

    Also, always glad to see a Chaos win :D

    Boss Salvage
    Boss Salvage
    6 years ago

    Another great report! Glad you dialed down the Prisma filter in later reports, but that defiler shot in here is especially sweet.