Fate of Konor - Week #1

Battle Report: Fate of Konor – Week #1 (Chaos vs Wolves)

Last night some of us decided to try the global campaign that Games Workshop is doing – Fate of Konor. You can get the details of it, the first week anyway, over at Warhammer Community.

The decision was spur of the moment, so nobody had prepared for the game.

The Mission

The mission was simple enough, but heavily favored the Imperium (defenders). The Imperium got a 24″ deployment zone and needed to kill Chaos (attacker). Chaos, however, needed to get into the Imperium’s deployment zone and be alive at the end of the game.

Each time the Imperium killed a unit they got +1pt. For each Chaos unit alive, and in the Imperium’s deployment zone at the end of the game, gave Chaos +1pt. Slay the warlord was also +1pt.

Note the bolded bits. I have the feeling this mission was set up intentionally for the Imperium to win the week because it’s far from balanced.

That being said, having planned to play in this prior would have helped a lot. So, lesson learned.

The Game

We played at 100PL. I’m feeling lazy, so I won’t give a list break-down ;)

Here’s our deployment.

My plan was simple: Advance everything but the Predator and Havocs, claim the center, and then consolidate into the Space Wolves deployment zone.


So, I advanced up and my shooting removed the unit of Long Fangs in the back. I tried to charge Wulfen with Ironfate (Knight), but he didn’t make it.


The Space Wolves advanced to meet me. The Stormfang unloaded into my Land Raider, doing around 6 wounds. Other assorted shooting, and Smite, by the Wolves put 10 wounds on my Knight.

Getting Charged

The Wulfen charged my Knight, along with a few Bikes, and destroyed it. Thunderhammers and great axes just took apart Ironfate.

Ironfate in Combat

The Wolf Lord had charged my Rhino this turn as well, putting 5 wounds on it.


Well, it was time to unload and cross my fingers.

The Berzerkers jumped out, as did the Plague Marines.

Berzerkers & Plague Marines

Nearly all my shooting went into the Stormfang. I had not realized how deadly that thing was until the prior turn, and it had to die for my Land Raider to live. I did manage to put 9 wounds on it.

Plague Marines and Berzerkers fired into the Wulfen ineffectively.

It was time to charge.

The Berzerkers charged the Wulfen and killed 3 Wulfen. However, Wulfen swing when they die, and by the end my Berzerkers were annihilated.


Plague Marines, and my Chaos Lord, charged the Wolf Lord and did nothing.


The Wolves continued to advance. Blood Claws and Bikes got at my Havocs while the Wulfen had consolidated into my Plague Marines.

From here it was game over. I got my Predator into the Wolves’ deployment zone, along with a Rhino, and my Raptors who deep struck in. At best I would get 3pts. However, he was at 7pts and time was tight, so we called it there.


A very tough game for me as the attacker in this mission. However, every game in 8th has proven a learning experience.

One of the big things I’m noticing in 8th is that infantry is king. I love big toys like my Knight and the Land Raider, but in an edition where everything can wound everything, bodies on the board is crucial. Who cares a Knight is T8 with 24 wounds when you can bury it in a sea of bodies trying to get 6’s to wound? Then you have survivable infantry units that can pour out a ton of damage, like Wulfen or Genestealers. I’m just finding it very hard to use expensive models (power level/points) with a lot of wounds and have them be effective. Maybe it’s just me? Who knows.

Despite being 13 games into 8th at this point, I still have no clear idea what I’m doing with my army. I suppose that’s fine with a codex around the corner. Hopefully that will hammer home an approach I like with Chaos, and one that is effective.

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Great battle report. Not sure if you got a new camera, lighting was just better or the new photo framing effect is doing it.m, but your pictures look great on this battle report.

I don’t know that it’s massed infantry rather than who gets the charge off is very important. Let’s be honest 20 stealers in last edition would have messed up your expensive Infantry to if all 20 actually made it to charge you.


I can’t believe the beserkers died!!! The game setup is definitely against chaos for #1. It’s much more difficult for chaos to win.

Kenneth Raymond

Ouch, Quite a biased mission indeed (Isn’t their fluff in the new SM codex about the imperium winning Konor already and driving Mortarion back?) spamming plasma gun plague marines seems to be the new/returning trend with CSM.
I have played a very similar mission to this one before and it is very hard to win as an attacker in this mission. Its very similar to stronghold assaults breakthrough mission only without the get off the table for D3 victory points per escaped unit rule that balances that particular mission. And I feel for you with the knight. (I have used mine [mageara/atroapos/castigator] a handful of times and even in 7th they just exploded in turn 1 [except when I used all 3 in one game. one died per turn during that encounter grr])


Really happy to read your adventures with Chaos in 8th, lessons learned one way or another. Shame about Iron Fate, lovely model.


I played this mission with my dark Eldar, and got mullered, but I was the defender. My opponent was a fluffy iron warriors army full of dreads and vehicles. I just did not have enough guns to get though all those wounds! Kinda getting a different view of the big things to you. I find them very hard to kill, while Infantry I can mow down no problem