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October 2011

Quick Report: Standoff Practice

My FLGS is hosting a large 30-person tournament on Nov. 12th called The Standish Standoff. In short it’s a more hobby oriented tournament where our monthly ones are not. As such, I’m working out some lists for my Space Marines that capitalize on what I have painted to avoid the…Read More

Rok Da Vote: Necrons

Seems appropriate I get a poll going for the impending release of Necrons. The rumors are everywhere, price lists are floating around, dates are all but confirmed, it’s inevitable. Necrons are just about here.

Battle Report: FLGS October Tournament

This month my FLGS ran a 2K tournament. Normally in our tournaments we put all the entry fees into the prize pool but this month it was a benefit for a store regular who was diagnosed with cancer. Originally it was to be 75% to the benefit and 25% to…Read More