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December 2011

Command Center

Command Center: v1.12.0 New Feature

This was a feature I had put off for a while because honestly it was a pain in the ass to make work correctly. I’m glad though that I finally got around to making the effort because for anyone who uses Command Center with regularity they will find this feature…Read More


Battle Report: Team Game with Chaos

Wednesday night at my FLGS I played a team game. January’s tournament will be a team game with 1,250 per-player and random pairings. The force org is restricted to avoid breaking it and make pairings easier. It’s 1 HQ, 0-1 elite, 1-3 troops, 0-1 fast attack and 0-1 heavy and…Read More


Year in Review on the Gaming Front

I thought it would be interesting, to me if nobody else, to make use of all the match data that I keep. I’ve played for just over five years now and have recorded every game. So, let’s see how I’ve progressed, or digressed as the case may be, over those…Read More


Fund Raiser: Polar Bear Plunge for a Great Cause

A fellow 40K player at the LGS is doing a fund raiser for a great cause. I wanted to pass this along and help him and the cause out. As some of you know, I’ve both worked and volunteered at a place called Camp Sunshine which is a retreat for…Read More

Attack and Defend

Mission: Attack and Defend v3.0.0

Here’s one of my older missions I’m updating. I had not converted this one over to our current tournament format at my FLGS yet. So, here’s the converted version. As always, feedback is welcomed.

Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme

Disciples of Twilight: Minor Update

So, Santa was pretty nice to me. Between the bonus I got at work and the misses’ xmas gift I can add more to my growing Chaos army, Disciples of Twilight. Naturally, as is the case with me when I can get something, I’m just not sure what to snag…Read More