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February 2012

Our New Authors and Pimp’n a Blog

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do with Creative Twilight is grow the author base here and it’s taken time but we’re getting there. I wanted to take a moment to bring attention to two of our new authors. Grumhelden is one of the two new authors and…Read More

Rok Da Vote: Battle Reports Poll Closed

There wasn’t a ton of votes in this poll, likely because it wasn’t interesting to many, but regardless the results are in. I was looking for opinions about how you like to see battle reports so I can try to deliver the type that people prefer. Here’s the results:

Damn you GW and your cool but late models!

Hello all, Over the last week I have made some progress on painting one of my Grey Hunter squads and on building my fifth DIY drop pod.  I have not actually taken any pictures though, so no hobby update for today.  Perhaps I’ll manage a mid-week update to make up…Read More


Hello everyone, I’m Lukas, I’ve been playing 40k for a bit over 2 years now, I started out with Space Wolves, cause I recognized how good power armor was, but I didn’t realize I had picked what was regarded as one of the best codices in the game (to this…Read More

Herding Cats for fun and profit

Social networks, joining people of like mind and like interest in a new wave of understanding and cooperation!  Nonsense!  Social networks are actually a nest of vipers and unless you are very,very careful you will get bitten!  I spend hours a week deleting posts and dealing with private messages about…Read More

40K Event: April Assault Tournament in Maine

On April 21st Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine will be hosting a 40K tournament, April Assault (temporary name). This past November the shop ran The Standish Standoff, a large tournament with lots and lots of goodies and prizes. The April Assault is a ‘mini’ Standoff and mini only refers to…Read More