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Luna Wolves

40K Narrative Event: The Story (1st Revision)

I’m working on finalizing the story for the spring event at my FLGS. I put up a first draft earlier this month and now I have the first revision done. Mostly I added in a bit more detail regarding the guardians of the fortress that Chaos is attacking. I fleshed…Read More

Luna Wolves

40K Narrative Event: The Story (WIP)

Last month I mentioned a 40K narrative event that my FLGS will be hosting in the spring, May 18th to be precise. Time is quickly flying by and I’m working on hammering out the storyline for the event. I see the storyline, if done right, as being a big draw…Read More

Ass Kicking

Tournament Rundown: Devastation

This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament at my FLGS. It was a food drive and so you brought in canned goods and non-perishables to get in-game abilities like re-rolls, +1 strength, etc. I played Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines, using this list: Last week I explained…Read More

Battle Report: Chaos vs Ultramarines

Battle Report: Chaos vs Ultramarines

Last night I faced off against Ming’s Ultramarines with my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, in a 1,750 game. We decided to use one of my missions, King of the Hill, and rolled off. He got to choose sides and got first turn. My list can be found here. Since…Read More

Chaos Horse

Back in the Chaos Saddle

For the past 5-weeks I’ve been playing my Space Marines, Fate’s Angels. Though I still enjoy Space Marines, they lost the label as my favorite army to Chaos some time ago. Once the Feast of Blades qualifier was over it was time to get back to Chaos. Last night was…Read More

Spectre Studio

Video Battle Report: Spectre Studio Episode 4

Another Spectre Studio battle report with Spectre Wile. This battle report I skipped from when it was complete as I wanted to showcase EvilDirtyDave in a battle report since he puts up with us at our FLGS. So, with Spectre Wile he plays his battle report with a tactical tone…Read More