Big Mek Seeking Grot Oilers

Army Rosters - TesterAs some of you are aware, I’m a programmer by trade. What do programmers do for fun, well other than 40K? We program! Long story short, I created a program much like Army Builder but web based. In the end I gave up on it despite decent progress. It was just going to be too much work to maintain. I figured instead of creating something that functions like Army Builder where it knows all the units, costs, wargear, etc, why not just create something that can store my army rosters for me?

A year or so later we arrive at today. I’ve been using this program since then, making tweaks to it here and there but still keeping it simple. Also, I’ve been keeping it to myself. Which brings me to the point of this post. I’m looking for some beta testers for the software. Let me break down what this creation of mine is.

This program is web based, which is why I created it to begin with. It’s simple, let me state that up front. The people who won’t care for this are the people who are overly reliant on Army Builder to do everything for them. Those who will most likely get the most use out of the program are those who prefer to write lists in Excel. See, the program basically looks like a spreadsheet where you enter in your data and save it. It will track your roster point value as you enter in unit costs but you have to enter in the unit costs, it doesn’t know what those values are. It doesn’t know what wargear a given unit has either. Did I say this was simple?

What it does do is allow you to store your rosters for easy access later. You can add, edit, delete and create copies of rosters. Did you like a roster you made but want to tweak it while keeping the original? Save a copy, load up the copy and edit away. The program does save units for future use. When you enter a unit you can enter in their stats and then when you save a roster the program will check your saved rosters for previously used data. So, if you start typing Slugga into the unit name field it will drop down a list of units matching that term and clicking it will populate your stat line fields. Same is true of weapons, you have an area to enter in weapons and it has an auto-complete feature. Last feature of note is you can click and drag units around. You can enter Nobz in the elite section and then drag them down to troops. So, you can visually rearrange your units to suit you.

That’s the program in a nutshell. I’m one of those people who feels that entering in roster data over and over creates a much better understanding of an army. That is why there is not a lot of bells and whistles and I’m not going to change that. I’m not out to create Army Builder. What I do want to do is create a good program for like minded people. If there are features that would be helpful bearing in mind my tenet then I’m all ears, just know that I’m not going to put myself in a position where GW legal is glaring my way.

If you read all that and are interested in trying this bad boy out then let me know. I’m after four or five people to help me kick the tires on this some more and give me some feedback. Eventually I’ll launch this for everyone to use, free of course, once I’m happy with everything.

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