Command Center: Are You Interested?

Command CenterI’m looking for some more people to help finalize the testing for Command Center. In short it’s a web based army list building tool for 40K. You can find more info in this post and be checking some of the updates here since. If you’re interested just comment or shoot me an email at thor at

I’ll be putting together a comprehensive list of features and working on an FAQ and general help files for it. I feel it’s pretty easy to use and intuitive but getting this last bit of stuff going will just polish it off.

My future plans for it are to expand it to be used for WHFB, Necromunda and probably Blood Blowl. For the most part it should be a pretty easy expansion so it probably won’t be that far down the road. If there’s some other games you think would be easy to use Command Center for, with some adjustments of course, then let me know.


    I would be

    • To make life easy on everyone, if you’re interested just go to and you can create an account and get set up. I did also manage to get a basic help file set up and some info about the program.

  • signed up :) Will try and get feedback to you asap. But so far…well done mate, I tried doing similar in .NET after the whole “Army Builder TM” C&D to the internet thing. It got complex fast :)

    • Oh, it sure does. This thing started out so small and it just keeps growing and growing. The nature of damn near any programming project for sure.

      I once wrote something very much like Army Builder in PHP and had some great progress but realized it was just going to be a nightmare to ever finish and keep current. That’s how Command Center was born actually.

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