Command Center: Beta Testers Guide

Command CenterSince my last post got a great response and there’s more testers, I thought I’d put together a quick little guide on the program.

Roster Sheet – Enter in the name you’d like to save the roster as. Once saved it will populate the list at the bottom of existing rosters.

Save – Saves the roster you’re currently working on.

Save a Copy – This will save a copy of whatever roster you’re working on and load that copy into the existing rosters drop down. If you want to then work on that roster you have to select it and hit load.

Print View – Just what it sounds like.

New Roster – Also what it sounds like. It will create a blank roster sheet for you. Make sure you save whatever roster you’re working on first.

In each part of the force organization you can click add to create a new line to enter a unit. You’ll notice on the stats columns that I broke out vehicle stats below normal stats. It may seem confusing initially but it makes life easier than creating a separate stat line specifically for vehicles.

When you save a roster, any unit you’ve entered will then be available to use in the auto-complete unit field. When you start typing a unit in the unit field the program will search previously saved units and give you the auto-complete drop down. Just click on a unit and it will populate the unit name and stats. It will not populate wargear and cost, this is intentional.

Each unit that’s entered can be dragged up and down. Just click in any dark gray area around the unit fields and you can move it up and down, even into other force organization areas.

As you enter in costs the program will keep a running total at the bottom at Roster Total.

The notes field is for whatever you want to put in there. I use it often to remind myself of special rules or even strategic notes.

The weapons area works the same as everything noted above with units.

You can delete rosters if you need to and you’ll be prompted to confirm. Once deleted it’s gone for good.

That’s about it. You can save as many rosters as you want so go nuts.

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