Command Center: Happy Belated Birthday & v1.12.1 Bug Fix

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KI’ve spent so much time working on it that I forgot Command Center turned 1-year old in November. Technically it’s far older than that since for the first two’ish years of its life it was known and used only by me. However, just over a year ago I threw it out there to the public. To those not familiar, Command Center it is a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K.

What a long way its come too. The features I’ve added to Command Center over that period of time are countless, not to mention a complete site redesign. With each new feature it gets easier and easier to use but there’s two tenets I remain true to. First, keep it simple. Second, enable the user to learn and know his/her army. I will not turn Command Center into a point and click program requiring little to no knowledge of your army. As such, it likely will never become a mainstream program in the 40K community but I can live with that.

Going forward, some time this year, I will likely do a complete rewrite of Command Center. Programming it was a huge learning experience for me and as a result there’s some less than ideal code in there. Now that I have most of the major features I had planned in place it’s time to refine and optimize. It will be a huge undertaking but once complete it will be worth the effort…I hope.

So, happy birthday Command Center! For those of you using it and enjoying it I thank you for your support. For those who have never used it you should check it out, it’s free.

Also, I just updated Command Center to v1.12.1 to fix a bug with the weapon and wargear auto-completers not working in their respective sections. This bug was of course the result of the new feature addition in the last version. Murphy’s Law and all that.

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