Command Center: Update v1.1

Command CenterI’ve gone through and put in a lot of updates for Command Center. Here’s a list of updates:

  • Costs have been adjusted. This is something I mentioned the other day but thought it worth noting again in case it was missed.
  • A lot of styling and cosmetic issues should now be cleared up across the various browsers. I’ve tested it on the Mac with Firefox and Safari as well as on Windows for Firefox and Internet Explorer. If something seems off then let me know.
  • Quotes being converted into odd characters, or other oddities, should now be fixed.
  • You can all now update your account info once logged in. You’ll see the button at the top. Everyone is going to need to update their password. In preparing for a future public release I had to change some security settings. So, all of the current testers had their password reset to password. Use that to log in and then change it to what you want.
  • A whole bunch of code optimization.

As usual, let me know if something isn’t working right. I have some more optimizing to do and once that’s done, barring any bugs you all find, I’ll be about ready to release this to anyone who want to try it.

  • Just updated my account and put together a quick combat patrol list. Looks great and everything is working fine for me using Safari. Thanks, Thor!

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