Command Center: Update v1.2

Command CenterWhen it rains it pours. More features for my faithful testers. Here we go:

  • There is now a wargear section that operates the same as the weapon section. The idea is to use this area to list the details of specific wargear, IE: Waaagh! Banner = +1 WS.
  • The wargear field on a unit now has an auto-complete feature that’s pretty awesome if I say so myself. Any weapon or wargear you’ve defined in those sections will be brought up in the unit’s weapons/wargear/notes auto-complete field. So, if you’ve entered a bolter in the weapon list on any of your army lists and start typing bolter in the unit’s weapons/wargear/notes field then bolter will pop-up to select. This can save you some typing but most importantly when you select it, it will then add it to your weapons list if it’s not in there yet, same with wargear if it’s a wargear item. No longer do you have to make a list and then go add in all your weapons, they get added as you select them!

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