Command Center: Update v1.23 Plus a Domain Name

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KFirst, I just purchased a domain name for Command Center:, which should start resolving shortly for people if not already. I’d really like to see it get the attention I think it deserves and this is one step in that direction. To those of you unaware of what Command Center in, see this post explaining it.

The update is a minor one which fixes an issue with the auto-completers not pulling up entries that contain quotes or special characters.

Beyond that I have some work planned to add new features, however I’m honestly waiting to see if the work is justified. I just can’t see putting in hours of work for the handful of people who find Command Center useful.

  • Mighty

    Hey Thor Love the new brighter look of your website. I also hope it get the credit it deserves as it is a great website. Just wondering why you chose to take out the option to print the list?

    • Mighty

      Oops sorry just saw that is was just moved to the top my apologies

      • Yeah, shuffling around a few things to avoid clutter.

        Glad you like the brighter look. I’m not completely done with it but probably close. Not a ton I can do design-wise since the roster takes up so much real estate.

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