Command Center: Update

Command CenterA minor update to Command Center for the testers. Aside from some aesthetics, you’ll notice that unit cost is now broken down into two fields. The first cost field is after the unit name, that one is for the base unit cost. The second cost field is after wargear for wargear cost. Both fields total up into the total cost column.

There’s a few reasons for the change. One is that it lets you see how much you’re spending in wargear on a unit, which I always find useful. Second, it lets you lay out a bare bones unit/list and then add wargear easier, I think anyway, than the previous method of updating a single cost field.

All your lists will work fine with the new change, they just won’t have a wargear cost until you enter it and save the list. As usual, let me know if you find any bugs.

For everyone else, I’m hoping in the next few weeks to push this out to a wider audience. I’m trying to wrap up some cosmetics and then set up a join method, as well as the ability to manage your own account, features that don’t exist yet since it was just me using it for a the longest time.

  • I’m having a tough time with it because I don’t KNOW my costs right off the bat. I keep having to flip back and forth through my codex for points. I find just doing it on paper is easier at this point in time for me.

    • That’s actually the point of Command Center, to get you to learn your army, unlike something like Army Builder where it does it all for you. Repeatedly looking up costs for stuff, having to memorize stat lines, etc, will ingrain it in your mind.

  • Everything has been working out well for me and I think the updates sound helpful. I’ve been mainly tinkering with just a few lists and so having the costs separated like that should come in handy. Thanks!

  • I’ve done a bunch more tweaking to fix some browser specific styling and functionality issues. Things seem to be running as it should in at least Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you all notice funky things in a specific browser then let me know.

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