Command Center: v.1.7 – He’s Insane!

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KThat’s right, three feature updates in a week! My applogies to anyone who was working on rosters a bit earlier while I was developing this. I know I caused some issues loading rosters off and on there.

Anyway, this is what’s new in v1.7:

* Populate (Weapons & Wargear) Feature – Clicking this will search your roster for weapons or wargear, depending which you clicked, that have not yet been entered into the respective area. If it finds any weapon or wargear that is not currently listed in that area and has been previously saved on other rosters, same way the auto-completers work, then it will add them to your list for you. This is especially useful if you’re using presets.

* I’ve updated the Help. Be sure to read it as I’ve not only been documenting the new features but I’ve also explained how some previously undocumented features work.

* Continued code optimization for faster loading and response time.

If you haven’t yet checked out Command Center then be sure to. It’s a free 40K online army building tool.

  • Todd the Goalie

    Still trying to figure out the best way to fill out the weapons/wargear/notes field for units. Every row is centered vertically, which makes the unit label sit aligned with the center of the entire w/w/n box, which is hard to read. Migh tbe my printer or IE, but it discards the line borders when I print rosters.
    I think my command squad is the hardest to enter in. It becomes a huge wall of text in the w/w/n box, and only a tiny bit of info in the others. My rememdy will have to be to enter “Command Squad” on one line, add another entry, and put in each individual member, his wargear, and his statline. That way the Heading is “Command Squad” with no quantity, and then 1 “Apothecary” (his wargear, then his statline, and points cost), one “Champion), one Standard bearer, etc etc etc.

    • To print the lines you need to turn on ‘print backgrounds’ on your print preferences. It’s usually in your browser settings, which is off by default.

      Your Command Squad solution is how I enter mine as well. It’s how I do every unit actually. IE:

      Tactical Squad w/wargear stuff here
      Sergeant w/wargear stuff here

      etc. I just add a line for each part of a unit when they’re different like that, where things like Termies are a single line entry.

      I really should take some screenshots of my rosters where I do that and put them up so people can visually see how to do something like that. I know some people haven’t ‘figured’ that out yet and in turn probably think it’s a dumb program.

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