Command Center: v.1.9.3 Updates

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KI’ve got some great feedback and based on that have added in something new.

* Dedicated Transports – There is now a section for them on your roster sheet. It’s optional too. If you’d rather add your dedicated transports on the unit itself that’s taking them then you can continue to do that. If you don’t enter anything in that section then it won’t show up on the print view. If you’d rather group them in the new area then you can do that too.

Let me know if you all notice anything odd with this. I did some testing and it’s working as intended but as always I can’t spot all the bugs all the time. I try!

* Bug Fix – In adding in the above mentioned item I discovered a bug I wasn’t aware of with unit dragging. What was occurring was if, for example, you created a heavy unit and then after dragged it to fast attack and then created another heavy unit right after. The bug was that the first created heavy unit that was moved to fast attack was no longer draggable until you created a new fast attack. It was a bug that’s probably been around for a while and I never noticed it because of the set of circumstances required to create it. Either way, it’s all fixed now.

* Ads – I’m sure you’ve noticed but thought I’d mention that I did put ads on the site. Hopefully they aren’t annoying and that I incorporated them into the site well enough to not bug you. The ads themselves though should be pretty relevant to the demographic of those using Command Center. It’s not Google Adsense, I’ve given up on that, and the system I’m using for them is much cooler and a far more targeted method. And if you’re wondering, I’m just trying to get the site to pay for itself instead of coming out of my pocket.

* Donate – A while ago I added a donate button on the home page of the site but never mentioned it so now I am :) Also, I’ll put this out there. Anyone who donates at least $1 I’ll add a link to your site/blog/whatever along with your logo on the home page area called Cool Stuff. This is subject to my approval though as I don’t want NSFW stuff on there.

There we have it. Remember, Command Center is a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K.

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