Command Center: v.2.0.0 Progress

Command CenterAs I recently mentioned, I’m working on rewriting Command Center, a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K. The entire thing is being rewritten from the ground up. It’s been a hell of a task so far but I’ve made a ton of progress on it. Way more progress than I expected to make so soon after beginning.

There’s a few big things going on with the rewrite. Visually, things are going to look basically the same. Functionality will appear mostly identical as well. However, the site itself should be faster. The core library I’m using for all the bells and whistles is a better one than Command Center currently uses. Not only that, it gets updated with a lot more regularity than the current library I use. What this means to you all is that the site should be much more compatible with more browsers, new and old.

Additionally, this new library will allow me to introduce new features more easily. Already it’s allowed me to rewrite a lot of cumbersome code in a much cleaner and optimized way, which is that speed increase mentioned.

As for where Command Center v2.0.0 stands at this point. Right now the roster functionality, the core of the work, is around 90% complete. The only lingering items to wrap up there are the print view and the PDF saving. The front end work like viewing shared rosters, logging into your account, etc, I’ve barely touched at this stage. However, the front end work is the easiest and least time-consuming aspect of Command Center.

If things stay on track then I expect to have the new version of Command Center rolled out in a handful of weeks. If you’re wondering, all data will be saved and migrated, nobody will lose any rosters. There will be some down time while I migrate over a few things but overall it should be a seemless transition.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Any possibility of being able to group things visually in the print view? That way I could look at my listing for my HW team, SGT, Guardsmen, and melta guardsmen and know where one squad ends and the other begins. Perhaps be able to group them and then subsequently, in print view, add borders to the groups (or individuals if no groups present).

    • Not a bad idea and not overly hard to program. I’m almost done v2.0.0 and once I roll that out and we beat it up a bit to clean the bugs from it then I can move on to adding in stuff like this.

      • I agree with the value of this addition. Would it also be possible to have a sum value for each group that is displayed but not added to the total? This way I could have individual points cost per member of the group but also be able to easily see how much each group costs.

        • That one is a bit trickier but I’ll keep it in mind when I get around to adding in stuff.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Oh, and throwing it out there as a possible consideration as an app. :) Or simply making the site a mobile-friendly site (maybe making it simplified for mobile devices, no adds or something. I don’t know. Make things more vertical, less horizontal and planned to fit on a tiny ass screen).

    • It’s a good idea! I would love to see this too.

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