Command Center: v1.10.0 Additions

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KIf you’re not familiar with Command Center it’s a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K.

I went ahead and made a few small additions in this version. Here we go.

* Print/Share Options – There’s a new check box for Color Rows and what this will do is add shades of gray to the print view to make things more readable. At some point I’ll let you all customize the colors that get used.

* Point Value – You’ll see this on the top of each roster sheet you create next to the roster’s name. By entering a value here, whatever the point limit is you’re building a list for, it will show you at the bottom of the roster the point value, the current roster total and the difference. This may save some of you doing mental math now when working on rosters.

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions for future features or you find any bugs.

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    Awesome! Love to see feedback actually translated into changes! Command center gets beter all the time.

    • I knew at least one person would enjoy the changes :)

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