Command Center: v1.13.0 Update

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KA minor addition for Command Center. If you don’t know what Command Center is it’s a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K.

* When viewing your rosters in the list review section, or via-shared link, you will now see an edit link above the roster to quickly load the roster in edit mode.

* Facebook like button now appears in the social bar below shared rosters.

I wanted to remind everyone that you can submit your rosters for review and get feedback on it. You’ll see the check box when you’re working on your roster. Likewise you can see the rosters being submitted for review and offer up feedback. It’s all about gamers helping gamers.

Also, if you click on ‘account’ you can enter in your website and it will be listed on the ‘links’ page. It’s a simple way to draw some more traffic to your site.


  • Ming from B&C

    So, how do I get to use your software?  Nothing seems to explain it to me…where is it, what do you have to do to use it, is it resident as a download or I just use it off a website that stores it on the site or what? 

    • Well, you can click the link for it and find lots of info on the site for it :p I just use this blog to mention updates and to pimp it.

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