Command Center: v1.3

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KWhew, what a ton of work getting 1.3 ready to roll. Most of the changes are under the hood, though you’ll notice some minor functionality changes. Here’s the list of updates that have been applied:

  • Tons and tons of code optimization. I’ve reduced the code footprint by about 50%. It won’t show as a significant speed increase, it’s not like it had a millions of lines of code anyway, but all the optimization makes my life much easier going forward.
  • Changed how rosters update. Previously, as a left over from when it was only me using it (we call that legacy code), when you updated a roster it would actually delete all your units, weapons and wargear and then insert them like it was new. The advantage to this is it was easy. I’ve changed the process to update existing items, insert new and only remove things no longer in use. This will reduce the database overhead and should speed things up a bit.
  • As a result of the last item, now when you save a roster it will reload the roster after saving it. I have to do this to load the IDs of the new things you added so I can update them. I’m sure I can work out something ‘cooler’ later but for now it works.
  • Now when you ‘save a copy’ of a roster it will create the copy and then immediately load that copy for you to work on.
  • There’s now a ‘home’ page and a roster page. You will no longer be loaded to a roster view when bringing up the site and you’re logged in. I did this so I can track stats and differentiate hits from the home page and hits from the roster.
  • I set up an RSS feed on the Command Center site that pulls the RSS feed from here, Creative Twilight, for news posted regarding Command Center. It also pulls that RSS feed into the home page of Command Center so you can gets news regarding updates.

That about covers it. As usual, if something is being buggy then just let me know. I’ve been thoroughly testing this but bugs slip through. So, check out the updated Command Center.

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