Command Center v1.4

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KAs promised I’ve implemented a new update this week that introduces some new features.

  • Print Options – In the Roster menu you’ll see Print Options. It’s a straight-forward feature that lets you choose what to show in your Print View. It has another use as noted below. I do plan to expand this a bit so this is just the foundation.
  • Share Roster – You’ll notice this checkbox at the top of your Roster. If you check it and save your roster then you’ll be given a URL that you can give to people who can then view your roster. The view they get is the same view you get in Print View, just text with a few exceptions.
    • There’s a Facebook Share icon and a Twitter Tweet icon for easy sharing of your roster.
    • If you uncheck Show Weapons/Wargear/Notes Field from Print Options then this column will not show when you share the roster.
    • Unit Stats, Costs, Weapons List, Wargear List and Notes will not appear on a shared roster. With the exception of Notes, the reason for this is to avoid the wrath of GW and their IP laws. I can’t have publically accessible material showing unit stats and costs or give out weapon stats and how wargear works. I’d like to stay under GW’s radar and continue to provide this program to everyone.

There you have it. I’ve been testing out these features and everything seems in order but if you notice any bugs then be sure to let me know. As always, Command Center is a free 40K army building tool, check it out if you haven’t yet.

  • Heh, I’ve been lazy and own Army Builder, and so hadn’t (until today) signed up/looked at this.  I like the layout of it though- I think I’ll use when a codex doesn’t have an AB template yet :)

    • Might be good for you to set up any lists you routinely run in it. The nice part about a web based app is you can get to the list wherever you are. So many guys at the LGS will forget to print their AB list out and have to redo it, or they brought the wrong size army and can’t get to their AB for the size roster they need, etc.

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