Command Center: v1.6 – It Keeps Getting Better

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KAfter making such good progress with v1.5 I forged ahead to finally put in a feature I’ve had on my mind for a while now.

* The big new feature is presets. What’s a preset you ask? Let me explain. In the top menu under Roster you’ll see New Preset Sheet. This will load a special preset sheet where you define units you want to save in their entirety for use in your rosters. The normal unit auto-completer you’re used to would fill in the unit name and their stat lines, that’s it; and that continues to be the case. However, if you’ve defined presets then those will show up in the auto-completer prefixed with Presets: and when you select a preset it will populate the unit count, wargear, costs, everything that you set up in the Preset Sheet.

A working example would be something like this. I have my 1st Tactical Squad that’s always the same whenever I field it: same size, same gear, etc. So, I go to New Presets to start a new Preset Sheet, add a unit, name it 1st Tactical Squad, put in their size, cost, wargear, etc. I also add another ‘unit’ for their Sergeant and name that Sergeant Pontius. Lastly I save the Preset Sheet.

Now I create a New Roster Sheet, add a unit and start typing 1st and see my 1st Tactical Squad preset show up. I select them and all my defined stuff appears. I do the same for the Sarge. I’ve now quickly added in that unit with all their wargear and cost quickly. I can also continue to add other units to that Preset Sheet to build a large reference.

The only way you can edit the actual preset unit is on the Preset Sheet. Once you’ve created a Preset Sheet it will appear in your Existing Rosters list, so be sure to name it so you can spot it easily. Just select it and load it like any other roster and you can manage your presets. You can also create as many Preset Sheets as you want, which is great if you play more than one army, keeps things organized.

Lastly, relating to above, since you can only edit the values of a preset on the Preset Sheet that means you can load a preset onto a roster and then edit it and it won’t effect the saved preset. You might want to create a preset that’s a base unit, size, general wargear and cost so you can quickly load up that basic data on a roster and then add in the special items and adjust it on each roster as needed.

* The textarea fields will now auto-expand their height based on content. If you type a lot of stuff into the wargear field on a unit or the wargear field in the wargear section then it will continue to expand to accommodate your text.

* Asynchronous loading of social network buttons at the top of the site. Translation: site loads faster now.

* More code optimizations, blah, blah, blah :)

Check it out.

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