Command Center: v1.7.1 Adjustments

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KYesterday I released v1.7.1 of Command Center. There’s some minor, yet useful, tweaks to the code.

* The auto-complete features should now return more reliable and consistent results.

* The weapon and wargear population features are improved. Prior if you entered something like this on a unit’s wargear: Plasma Gun x 2, it would not find it to populate your weapon list because of the x 2 in there. However, if you just had Plasma Gun then it was fine. This is now improved so you can enter the previous example: Plasma Gun x 2 or even Plasma Gun (2) and it will find the item to add to your weapon list. Additionally, this is now case-insensitive. Again, this all applies to wargear population as well as weapon population.

The other result of this is the code is more optimized and faster. Speaking of…

* The code that handles adding in a new line for units, weapons and wargear has all been optimized and working faster. You’ll see a big difference when loading an existing roster.

As always, if you find any bugs let me know in comments or use our handy contact form if you like. Remember, Command Center is a free online army list building tool for 40K.

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