Command Center: v1.8 Additions

Command Center: Free army list building tool for Warhammer 40KI’ve added in a few new options for Command Center.

* Finally squashed the bug with the auto-completer not working on the weapon or wargear list after you use the populate feature.

* I’ve done a few cosmetic changes and also added in graphical buttons for the items that were missing them in my continuing effort to improve the look of the site.

* The size of the field for weapon strength and AP has been increased. This is great for those weapons with dual-firing modes. You could enter the strength as something like 4/8 and the AP as 6/3.

* Print & Share Options – This was formally just labeled Print Options under Print View in the top menu. I added in an option for font size on the print view so you can adjust the size of the text on your print outs. Speaking of, print was moved to the top bar where you save your roster.

In the new Share section there you have the option to turn off/on the social sharing icons that appear at the top of a shared roster as well as whether or not rosters you create will be shared by default. Share rosters by default will simply check off the share checkbox on rosters as you create them, just saving you a single click. If you’d rather not share a particular roster then you can uncheck it on the roster.

* Comments – There’s a page in the top nav now for Help, Comments & Suggestions. I’m hoping this will entice people to use it to leave feedback, whatever that may be. The more I hear from you all the better I can make Command Center.

Speaking of social sharing and comments, if you enjoy Command Center then please help spread the word. There’s social sharing icons on the top of the site for just that reason! Like it on Facebook, Tweet about it and +1 it. You can also join the community by using Google’s Friend Connect.

Command Center is a free online army building tool for 40K. Check it out!

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