Command Center: v2.0.0 in Progress

Command CenterI mentioned at the start of the year that I would eventually get to working on v2.0.0 of Command Center and I can finally say I’ve done just that, begun work. It’s going to be a very long road to reach release. The biggest change, and naturally the most time consuming, is that I’m changing the JavaScript library Command Center uses. This library is responsible for 90% of your interactions with the program. The change is needed for me to move forward with Command Center and continue to add in new features. At some point, without changing libraries, things will just plateau and that’s not what I want.

The easier change that’s going into place is a blog. Once things are live I’ll be using Command Center’s blog for these type of articles. It just makes sense that news regarding the program reside on the program’s site. Plus, I’ll be able to search engine optimize Command Center better and in turn draw a larger audience.

As happy as I am to finally be making steps towards the next big version of Command Center, there is a downside. Work on the current version of Command Center will effectively cease. I’ll address bugs and issues that arise but I will not roll out new features, well unless it’s something small and simple. Simply put, time spent improving what exists now detracts from time spent building the new version. I’m one man with little time, I just can’t do both.

All that being said, if there are some features you would love to see in the new Command Center then now is definitely the time to toss them out here! If you don’t know what Command Center is, it’s a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K, check it out!

  • I’d like to have it paint my models–is that an option?

    • Let’s talk investment and I’ll see what I can do ;)

  • Spectre Senence

    I posted somewhere before and I love that it remembers units from other lists but currently just posts the stats. If you could the gear and special rules from to carry over that the bigger time saver. Having that would make army builder the lesser program for people to use

    • You had mentioned it and I told you that’s what the presets are for :P You can create a preset sheet and the stuff you enter there carries over in full on the auto-completers. I can show you if you’re around tonight.

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