Command Center: Web Based Army List Tool

Command CenterA few weeks ago I posted regarding finding some beta testers for an army list tool I built. The response was dismal though props to Papa JJ though for emailing me. So, what I plan to do is in the next few weeks, hopefully, open it up to the public.

I’m calling the application Command Center for future reference. Feel free to read the previously mentioned beta testers post to get some more info on what this is. I’ll put out some more info in the coming weeks to try and explain the application with a bit more detail, as well as getting a help guide going for it.

  • Hey, if you still need a beta tester, hit me up. I’m very interested in seeing what you have in mind. The army builder the guys at my FLGS use is not my favorite. It’s a little wonky.

    • Toss me an email at thor at (avoiding spambots), with the username and password you want. I’ll then toss you the link to the program. You’ll have to play with it a bit to figure it out but it’s pretty simple. I just haven’t done any documentation on it yet.

  • BJC MiniStudio

    I’d be happy to test for you if you like. Sent you an email with ID and Pass.

    • You’re all set. I emailed you back.

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